Melbourne’s Unique BBQ Catering Services

With the Ultimate Barbeque Experience provided by RollnBBQ the hottest thing on wheels will definitely be your food!

RollnBBQ is a catering service based in Melbourne, Australia that specializes in traditional barbeques and cookouts with the added flair of 5 hot plates and 1 wok burner under the hood of a canary yellow Holden Kingswood.

RollnBBQ offers a fully stocked kitchen under the hood of its remodeled cars, which are designed to serve as the primary cooking station for you party or event.

RollnBBQ’s carbeques provide a unique catering service that optimizes on fun, good music and good company to add a little additional flavor to your meals.

RollnBBQ serves up hot steaks, sausages and deluxe barbequed meals to tantalize the taste buds and stimulate all the senses you can think of and all from the burners of a Monaro Carbeque.

RollnBBQ caters to your every dining need:

Good Music – Check!

Good Company – Check!

Cold Drinks – Check!

Good Food – CHECK!

RollnBBQ can cater for all you parties, events and charity fundraisers. With facilities for serving over 250 people, if you have a large party and need experienced caterers, RollnBBQ is what you need. RollnBBQ offers a one-of-a-kind catering experience that is sure to please and impress.

For all your corporate events, store promotions, birthday parties, anniversaries parties and festivals, RollnBBQ is the catering you need to not only spice up the food but also the party!

RollnBBQ is an award-winning catering service that comes highly recommended as the best barbeque in Australia and the most unforgettable catering experience you will ever have.

Not in Melbourne?

No problem. RollnBBQ travels all over to cater community festivals, private functions and corporate events. They truly give a new meaning to the adage food-to-go!

With delicious sausages and beef burgers cooked in a car, RollnBBQ offers an experience you will never forget!!

RollnBBQ’s Homemade South American Sauces, aptly named Chimmichurri and Nitro Sauce are sure to shift your taste buds into overdrive! RollnBBQ is a fantastic addition to your party planning.

RollnBBQ was established in 2008 by Ben Burga with the aim of providing a truly unique catering experience. With his remodeled Black Toyota, the original Carbeque, Ben Burga literally took his catering service from a car to the streets of Australia.

If you would like to hire the services of RollBBQ don’t wait book your reservation now!




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