About Us

Mr BurgaThe backyard barbeque is one of the most iconic scenes of summer, family reunions and just about any special occasion that requires a lot of people and a lot of entertainment.

RollnBBQ is based in Melbourne and adds another dimension to traditional cookouts and barbeques.

Established in ’08.

RollnBBQ is the brainchild of Benjamin Burger, or simply Ben Burga. Mr. Burga with his love of rock music, good food and awesome cars, refurbished some cars to create a moveable barbeque. The result is what is fondly called a Carbeque. This fast pace take on a family tradition provides a fun and unique catering experience.

A Veteran and a Newcomer

The original car BBQ was a Toyota that was dubbed Celica or Cindy to those who know her best. Cindy was created in 2002, when the car was donated to Ben Burga because the original owner could not sell it. As the saying goes ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’

When Cindy retired, Hayley took over. Hayley officially became roadworthy when she was registered in January of 2012.

Hayley who is capable of catering for over 250 people,is a canary yellow Holden Kingswood car BBQ made in 2009. With 5 hot plates and 1 wok burner, she can entertain through her inbuilt stereo and provide drinks from her ice box.

The Events

A RollnBBQ event is like a built in car show, with good food, good times and good music. The catering services of RollnBBQ are extensive and they cater to a number of specialty clients. RollnBBQ have previously catered corporate events, store promotions, birthday parties, anniversaries parties and festivals but don’t let the good time fool you RollnBBQ is all heart underneath the hood.

In 2013 Celica came out of retirement when RollnBBQ hosted Sausage Sizzle at DFO Essendon. The event was to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital research of Cystic Fibrosis. RollnBBQ is as serious about their charity events and fundraisers as they are about ensuring that everyone has a good meal and a good time.

The Food

The upgrades to this menu will not detract from the fact that you are invited to take part in ‘a rockin’ good time’ and a traditional BBQ. True to form RollnBBQ provides a delicious range of sausages and steaks and a deluxe range of barbecued meals.

RollnBBQ’s Homemade South American Sauces, aptly named Chimmichurri and Nitro Sauce are sure to shift your taste buds into overdrive.

If you are interested in experiencing the Ultimate BBQ Experience you can make a booking by sending an email to rollnbbq@gmail.com


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